Skin Care for Hope is a local skincare brand that was founded in 2020 by board-certified dermatologist and book author Dr. Claire Marie Reyes-Habito.

Inspired by her book, “Staying Beautiful and Hopeful”, which shares the truths of self-care through skincare, Skin Care for Hope aims to bring hope and healing for those with compromised skin brought about by skin sensitivities, skin aging, or from medications such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Skin Care for Hope has always believed that gentle and moisturizing skincare products coupled with good skincare habits will help improve the skin barrier and give better quality of life through hope and healing. It is through caring for one’s sensitive skin daily early on that it can help prevent skin problems, rather than dealing with skin dryness and flares later when they are at their worst.

At Skin Care for Hope, we believe in the well being of the skin and soul. Take good care of yourself by bringing hope and healing to your skin. We are happy to welcome you in our skin care community that puts God’s light and hope at the center of it all!

Pearls are formed as an oyster’s response to an irritant, such as a grain of sand or another object. When any irritant makes its way between the mollusk’s shell and mantle, the creature produces nacre, a protective coating that helps reduce irritation.

Layers of nacre coat the irritant, eventually forming an iridescent gem (the pearl).

The pearl formation process is quite mystical. And, indeed, it is. How do these seemingly commonplace little mollusks turn out exquisitely lustrous, near-perfect spheres? Like many natural processes, the birth of a pearl takes time. But when the process is complete, the result is stunning.

The pearl’s cultivation process is similar to our brand mission to bring back luster, and give hope and healing to compromised skin.

What unites our HOPE team is a common passion for gentle skin care and clean beauty. We believe beauty should be, above all, safe and gentle, natural and clean.

Our passion for gentle skin care is what drives us to find hope, create hope, and bring hope to people who are on their skin quest through our mindfully created products that bring renewed hope to one’s skin and soul.

It is our hope for more people to be conscious about what they put on their skin, feel good and be more confident, and begin their own journey towards gentle care for the skin.

Dr. Claire Marie Reyes-Habito

With her personal mission to help uplift people with compromised skin, board-certified dermatologist and book author, Dr. Claire Marie Reyes-Habito founded Skin Care for Hope.

She currently leads the HOPE team in educating people on improving one’s quality of life through good skin care, education, and community of faith.

She is currently taking Masters in Business Administration in the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.