#CleanBeauty: What You Need to Know About Paraben-Free Products

2022-01-21T18:11:52+08:00November 21, 2021|Skin Advice|

We use different skincare products in our everyday lives without really taking into consideration the damage or harm they might be creating to our skin (and health). Did you know that not all skincare products are the same? In fact, [...]

Skincare is Self-Care: Tips on How to Achieve Better Skin

2021-08-13T11:21:15+08:00August 13, 2021|Skin Advice|

Talking about beauty and skincare might seem odd when the rest of the world is struggling amidst the pandemic. But ironically, these terms have been widely used, talked about, and intrinsically linked to self-care and wellbeing especially at this time.  [...]

Skin Concerns of Cancer Patients on Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy

2022-03-21T18:50:15+08:00April 15, 2021|Skin Advice|

Targeted therapy and immunotherapy have increased skin concerns of cancer patients over the past decade. The molecules and receptors that are targeted by these medicines to fight cancer are also present in the skin hence causing many side effects. Among [...]

Why gentle skincare products for cancer patients?

2022-01-21T18:54:00+08:00April 15, 2021|Skin Advice|

Our skin cells renew regularly. However, when you are having cancer treatment such as chemo, radiation and targeted treatment, the replication of skin cells slows down. Dry skin eventually builds up and cracks appear. These are entry points of allergens [...]

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