Skin Moisturizing Gift Bundle


Contains skin moisturizing essentials to help care for your sensitive irradiated skin : Skin Relief & Moisturizing Cream, Mild Body Wash. Bundle comes with a Hope card to inspire you for the day.

✔ Paraben-free
✔ SLS-free
✔ Dermatologist-approved

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Studies have shown that Calendula can help improve radiation burns. Pamper your skin with our mild and gentle skincare products.

Skin Care for Hope Moisturizing Bundle contains our Mild Body Wash with calendula, which helps cleanse the skin by removing debris and microbes. It also has our Skin Relief & Moisturizing Cream with calendula, nata de coco (coco cellulose), and Buah Merah, which gently moisturizes the skin.

Our skincare products are so gentle and moisturizing that they are safe to use by those who undergo radiation therapy, which can cause irritated and painful skin. The Skin Relief & Moisturizing Cream can be applied twice a day throughout the radiation therapy and up to two weeks after completing treatment.

Take good care of yourself by bringing hope and healing to your skin.

✔ Paraben-free
✔ SLS-free
✔ Dermatologist-approved

Bundle Contents:

Mild Body Wash
Skin Relief & Moisturizing Cream
Hope card


Potential allergy to any of the ingredients. If skin rash occurs, stop use and consult a doctor.

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Dimensions 20 × 15 × 6 cm

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