Talking about beauty and skincare might seem odd when the rest of the world is struggling amidst the pandemic. But ironically, these terms have been widely used, talked about, and intrinsically linked to self-care and wellbeing especially at this time. 

Self-care is often misconstrued as self-indulgence but this pandemic has made us all realize that caring for oneself is more vital than ever. It is not selfish, rather, it is attending to your own needs in order to do our part to protect others. 

While most of us enjoy the privilege to stay at home, it is essential that we take good care of our mental health. There are times that we will feel burned out and depleted, and it is usually because we have been denied the time or ability to do things that are meaningful to us, leaving us feeling off-balance.


The Benefits of Self-Care 

Self-care is consciously doing things that improve one’s mental or physical health. It is an important part of living a healthy and happy life. It is simply looking after yourself and doing things that would make you feel better.

Remember, self-care doesn’t have to cost you much or involve huge time commitment. It could be as simple as relaxing with your favorite book, taking a short walk, or getting enough sleep. 

Self-care has a lot of benefits, which are mostly interlinked. Committing yourself to self-care will greatly improve your overall well being. 

According to experts, there are other benefits of self-care in addition to helping you feel more balanced and allowing you to better care for others. These include reducing stress, increasing your energy throughout the day, having higher levels of productivity, and enhancing your emotional awareness. 

Self-care can also boost your self-esteem, protect your mental and physical health, and can lead you to forming better relationships. 


How to Practice Skincare as Self-Care 

According to San Francisco-based life coach Laurie-Anne King, self-care activities have two categories: non-negotiables and luxuries. The non-negotiable activities are the ones that if you skip them, you may feel tired or cranky. On the other hand, luxuries are those self-care activities that make you feel pampered and give that much-needed boost. These non-negotiable self-care activities might include exercising and maintaining a healthy diet while luxuries might include taking a bubble bath with scented candles or treating yourself to a day spa.

But come to think of it, self-care can be any form of activity with the right mindset. It’s about bringing attention back to yourself, tuning in, and enjoying “me time” activities. 

To keep you calm and beautiful during this time of pandemic, we have listed some self-care and skincare tips for you. 


Give your skin some love and attention

As they say, skincare is self-care. What can be a more wonderful way to practice self-care than to take good care of your skin? 

This can be as simple as massaging a gentle and moisturizing lotion into your skin, which can help relax both your mind and body and at the same time boost your skin with soothing and hydrating benefits. 


Fuel your body with the nutrients it deserves

 Treat everything, from the food you eat, the sleep you get, the exercise that you do and the way you communicate to yourself as an opportunity for self-care. 

Make sure to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs by taking essential vitamins and supplements. This is one of the simplest ways to fit self-care into your daily routine. 


Take a relaxing bath

Why not indulge yourself in self-care luxury such as enjoying a bath spiked with bubbles, epsom salt or oils. There are a lot of bath salts and soaps that are specially made to ease muscle tension and relieve stress as you inhale its soothing scent.


Get hydrated

If you are tired of being reminded to drink enough water everyday, then try making it interesting and inspiring by adding some flair. 

Add a few slices of fruit or some herbs like lemon and basil, lime and mint, and pour it into a stylish reusable water bottle and you will definitely be looking for excuses to drink more water.


Inhale calm, exhale stress

Always start your day with 10 to 20 minutes of me time where you can simply just breathe and meditate. You can sit in your favorite quiet place, close your eyes, and inhale, suspend your breath, and exhale for a count of four each. Repeat this breathing rhythm for a few minutes. 

This breathing exercise and mini-meditation will help you clear your mind and find a greater sense of inner peace. You can also make it more special by combining aromatherapy. 


Follow a wind-down ritual

Rather than do a number of Instagram scrolls before going to bed, why not give yourself some time to relax at the end of each day. 

Take a bath, massage your favorite oil into your skin, and breathe in peace and breathe out love. By the time you go to bed, you have surely relaxed your mind. 


Have enough sleep 

According to experts, having quality sleep on a regular basis has the power to radically change lives. It’s important to find a time to go to sleep at night and make that a habit, which will lead to higher energy levels, clearer cognition and more balanced moods. 


Change the way you shop your skincare products

If you have run out of skincare, shop from the many options available online. But before buying, assess the products that you are using. Choose skincare products that are gentle and moisturizing, SLS and paraben-free, that promote clean beauty. 


Always remember that your self-care and skincare routine should be something that you enjoy. Taking care of yourself and giving time to focus on yourself will do great for your mind, body, and soul. 


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