As 2021 comes to an end, the skincare obsession continues. According to most skincare experts, our approach to skincare is going to look a little different next year. We have listed some of the biggest, most innovative, and inspiring skincare trends to look out for in 2022.

Think about expressing oneself through products, adapting sustainability practices and being conscious of having natural and clean beauty. Whether you have decided to say bye-bye to makeup and focus on your skin’s health instead, or replace your skincare products with organic and natural ingredients, these skincare trends are for you.

    1. Skin Kindness

      Have you tried solving your skincare problems with high-strength ingredients? Whether you’re obsessed with skincare or you consider yourself a beginner, it’s likely you may have experienced some irritation. That’s where skin kindness comes in.

      Go for skincare products that are gentle and moisturizing and are more focused on nurturing the skin’s barrier to maintain a healthy and diverse microbiome or the good bacteria that live on your skin to keep it healthy.

    2. Skincare Minimalism

      This 2022, say no to long skincare routines and say yes to a much more minimal approach. It’s time to streamline your skincare products and be more selective with what you will apply to your skin.

      Are you ready to reduce the steps you take and be pickier in the ingredients you use? There are a lot of local skincare products that are gentle, mild and moisturizing that are SLS- and paraben-free. It’s time to be minimalist in your skincare routine!

      Learn how to simplify your skincare routine here.

    3. The New Glow

      New glow is in! Now is the turn to make our complexions radiant, healthy, and alive! Although makeup products such as tick blushers and bronzers can help achieve this look, having low-key skincare products that are naturally made and specially formulated will give your skin long-term benefits.

    4. Anti-stress vs Anti-Aging

      According to skincare experts, stress can trigger skin conditions such as acne, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. After surviving a stressful year dealing with the pandemic, 2022 will be about relaxation and the effect on skin.

      This year, our skincare routine will become increasingly holistic and instead of caring more for one’s appearance, the trend will be more on caring for the health of your skin through a clean skincare routine.

    5. SPF Forever

      SPF will continue to be your best friend in 2022 but this trend reminds you to forget the thick, pore-clogging creams or sprays. Look for light and mild sunscreens that provide excellent protection against UV rays that accelerate aging.

    6. Feed Your Skin

      2021 has made us environmentally conscious and “sustainability” lovers and while positive strides are being made towards eco-friendly packaging and refills, many have also become more conscious of the ingredients they feed their skin.

      We can see a lot of skincare brands using natural ingredients that help transform dull, dry skin almost instantly, without causing any harmful effects.

Skincare trends may evolve this 2022, but always remember to listen to your skin’s needs as it is also part of your health, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Skin Care for Hope is a local skincare brand that offers mild, safe, and moisturizing skincare products that are dermatologically approved and specially formulated for sensitive skin, bringing quality of life through hope and healing.

It is committed to providing safe and gentle skin care products that are paraben-free with moisturizing and calming ingredients; Educating and promoting good skin care and supportive care for those with sensitive skin; Bringing together a compassionate and collaborative skincare community that puts God’s light and hope at the center of it all.

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