Our skin cells renew regularly. However, when you are having cancer treatment such as chemo, radiation and targeted treatment, the replication of skin cells slows down. Dry skin eventually builds up and cracks appear. These are entry points of allergens and infection making your skin more sensitive. You can have itchiness and rash which affect quality of life. Cancer patients need to be discerning when it comes to the skincare products that they use.

Moisturizing skin care products such as shampoo, body wash, lotions, and creams help soothe dry skin. Choose shampoos and washes that do not have too much surfactant that can over dry. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is one of the surfactants that can irritate and dry the skin. Consider diluting your shampoo or body wash before use, or better yet use a SLS free shampoo and body wash.

After bathing, pat dry and apply a moisturizing lotion. If there are very dry areas such as radiation treated skin or xerotic (dry) patches on the legs apply thick creams twice a day to relieve the itchiness. Moisturizers replenish the lipids and helps hydrate your skin making it a better barrier against infection and allergens.

Choose skincare products that are safe for cancer patients

You might also want to consider paraben free moisturizers and skin products if you are a breast cancer patient. Parabens are chemicals that act as preservatives for cosmetics. They are xenoestrogens which act as endocrine disruptors. Growth of breast cancer cells in the laboratory can be stimulated by exposure to these methyl parabens in some studies. Though no sufficient epidemiologic data has been published on humans and effects of parabens, it may be helpful to note that environmental factors in addition to genetics may contribute to increased risk of breast cancer.

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